Happy Wednesday all, and a belated happy Memorial Day to those in the US. I hope it was suitably barbecue-filled (mine wasn’t; we flea bombed the house so I had to be out of the house all day and went to the movies with my sister. But I digress).

Anyway, so I drove all the way out the Jo Ann’s in Virginia Beach on Friday for the Memorial Day sale (and also because I’d never been to that Jo Ann’s before). I did not know that it was one of the smaller ones, but I managed to buy things none the less. Simplicity sewing patterns were 5/$5, so I bought three along with some elastic and some fabric.

Now, why are these going to become daring adventures? Well… I don’t usually sew from patterns. I had no idea how Simplicity patterns will fit. Was I going to make a muslin? Hell no! Brinn sews with abandon!

And, as it turns out, things worked out rather well. I’ve since turned the fabric into the shorts pattern I bought:


They are a bit snug. I cut the pattern for a 5/6, which is a 32″ hip (which is my hip measurement). Apparently Simplicity thinks teens don’t actually have asses (which I do have). I also had to improvise the button because the waistband wasn’t long enough. I fully intend to make these again, but I’ll have to make a larger size. Since I already cut out the pattern pieces, I can’t do it according to pattern, but I should be able to wing it to make them larger.

The fabric I used it some sort of cotton/poly blend. I don’t actually know about fabric, so I can’t really tell you more about it. It works well with the pattern, though I suspect a knit would allow the shorts to actually fit properly.