Remember the bird swap I mentioned a week or two (or three or something) ago? Well, I received from my partner PinkChick today!

She sent me a t-shirt with this pretty embroidery:


and some lovely earrings:


I love them! For more bird goodies, check out the gallery.

Now, on a different matter, I’ll be going out of town on Sunday (no use trying to rob me; the rest of my family still lives here). I’m spending a wonderful two weeks in DC with my lovely boyfriend, during which time my access to internet and my laptop will be somewhat limited. I’ll be doing my best to continue posting what I’m crafting (and perhaps some nice pictures of the city and such), and when I get back, I’ll have a nice big post about my trip. And then back to regularly scheduled posts about things I made. I have a few things to post yet, so that’s two posts I’ll schedule before I leave, but after that, it’ll be more sporadic.