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Ravelry tells me I started this project in May. It is now March. For those keeping track at home, that’s a total of ten months. Which makes this little pair of shorts the project spanning the longest time period yet. Anyway, they’re done now.


Pattern: Studio Shorts
Yarn: Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton (it’s like kittens, for real)
Needles: US 6/4 mm
Mods: Fewer hip decreases, probably more short rows. I don’t really know at this point.


They’re not really that wrinkly but it’s difficult to take a picture of your own ass/short-wearing section even with a tripod. And it was cold out, hence the tights. I suspect it will warm up soonishly and I’ll get a chance to wear them. They fit really well with the drawstring and they’re super comfortable. Hobby Lobby’s cotton is super soft, much nicer than kitchen cotton.


Now, anyone who’s followed this blog for any length of time will know that I’m a huge nerd. I love the recent Marvel movies (and I’m constantly disappointed I never got into comics as a kid) and I’m completely obsessed with all things Joss Whedon. Naturally, this means I’ll be going to see the Avengers at midnight when it opens. I’m thinking these shorts, green tights, green shirt, maybe some lurid green eyeshadow. Maybe green flip flops. Even though the Hulk is not at the top of my favorite Avengers (I really love Thor and Iron Man), it is the one I can easily dress up as. So that’s happening.

Knowing me, I won’t get around to uploading a WIP post about the socks I’m working on, so know that I’ve started a pair of blotchy vanilla socks in Premier Serenity Sock. I’ll probably be able to get two pairs out of the two balls I have, actually. I also started a sweater in crochet, but I’ve sort of put that aside for the socks, so more on that later.


Happy Wednesday all, and a belated happy Memorial Day to those in the US. I hope it was suitably barbecue-filled (mine wasn’t; we flea bombed the house so I had to be out of the house all day and went to the movies with my sister. But I digress).

Anyway, so I drove all the way out the Jo Ann’s in Virginia Beach on Friday for the Memorial Day sale (and also because I’d never been to that Jo Ann’s before). I did not know that it was one of the smaller ones, but I managed to buy things none the less. Simplicity sewing patterns were 5/$5, so I bought three along with some elastic and some fabric.

Now, why are these going to become daring adventures? Well… I don’t usually sew from patterns. I had no idea how Simplicity patterns will fit. Was I going to make a muslin? Hell no! Brinn sews with abandon!

And, as it turns out, things worked out rather well. I’ve since turned the fabric into the shorts pattern I bought:


They are a bit snug. I cut the pattern for a 5/6, which is a 32″ hip (which is my hip measurement). Apparently Simplicity thinks teens don’t actually have asses (which I do have). I also had to improvise the button because the waistband wasn’t long enough. I fully intend to make these again, but I’ll have to make a larger size. Since I already cut out the pattern pieces, I can’t do it according to pattern, but I should be able to wing it to make them larger.

The fabric I used it some sort of cotton/poly blend. I don’t actually know about fabric, so I can’t really tell you more about it. It works well with the pattern, though I suspect a knit would allow the shorts to actually fit properly.


Pattern: Studio Shorts available on Ravelry here.
Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy in Marlin, about two skeins
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm Knit Picks Options and 16″ circ
Mods: Went up a needle size cause the sevens were closer and I knit fairly tightly. Left out the huge increase row because my thighs are not half the size of my hips and instead increased about five stitches around the back to accommodate my ass. Skipped the short rows in the front. Probably added extra short rows in the back.


These actually went by quite rapidly once I got the right amount of stitches around the hips, and I think I would definitely make these again. It’s so hard to find shorts that fit, and once I got a drawstring in these, the fit is perfect. And they’re sooooo comfortable. I love Knit Picks Comfy. It feels like kittens on my thighs. : ) I think I would decrease right before the ribbing. The ribbing on the waist isn’t really stretchy at all, and I think a smaller circumference would help that.


I’m extremely pleased with these though. The pattern is staying on my queue.

In other knitting new: super secret project is coming right along. Started another secret project (but probably only secret til next week or so since I’ll be giving them to the recipient then). Unfortunately, super secret projects are really all I’m knitting lately.

Fortunately, my partner for one of my swaps has already sent, so I’ll be showing you that by mid-next week ish. I’ve also been working on my inchies, and I’ll be ready to send out soon. Plus there’s a Post Secret swap (which I am thankfully not organizing). I love swapping, and I’m sure readers are fond of them since they provide tons of blog content. Stay tuned!

So, I don’t know if you can tell from previous pictures I’ve posted on this here blog of mine, but I weigh about 110 pounds, sopping wet. I’m a tiny little person. So I’m not sure what I was thinking when I blindly followed the directions in my shorts to k1, Kfb around the circumference after I joined the legs. This is what I got:


Yeah. Those are not going to fit. The legs fit perfectly, but there is literally a foot of extra space at the hips.

I though about giving up and moving on to other things. But when I tried them on, the yarn felt so soft and lovely on my legs that I decided to take the plunge and frog back to the join and reknit them, this time without the huge increase row. At this point, I’ve reknit back up to the waist ribbing, which took half the time as before because the rounds are half the size. I’ve had to add more short rows, but I think the size now is just about perfect.

Once again, I have multiple works in progress on the needles. I usually prefer to only have one at a time, but one will take a while and is less than thrilling to knit (the super secret project), one is almost done, and one I started (once again) so I’d have something to knit at Busch Gardens.

I can’t show you pictures of the super secret project, but here are the other two:


A pair of shorts because I felt like knitting shorts. I have very few shorts beause I can never find any that fit. : ( These are almost done.

I also started a light weight lace scarf in a yummy alpaca yarn in a lovely maroon color. I bought it at the Knitting Corner, another yarn store in Virginia Beach that I hadn’t been to before this summer.

Like I said, the shorts are almost done, so look for an FO post about that soon. I also have inchies and a swap coming up, so stay tuned!