With the extra fabric I got in my epically awesome rainbow swap package, I made a zipper pouch:


I left the image large so you can see the awesome fabric. : )

It’s a pretty simple design, the pouch, used a zipper I had in the stash that I bought in a bunch from an Etsy seller several months ago and for the lining, I used some of the flowered sheet I still have TONS of. The pouch currently holds all of the stuff that had been floating around the bottom of my purse: Chapstick, lotion, hair ties, band-aids, and that sort of thing. It’s just the right size and I got to use every inch of the fabric so I get to admire it every time I pull the bag out of my purse. : )

In other (knitting news), I’ve finished the knitting on Climbing Vines and now I’m just waiting for the pieces to dry so I can sew it all together. I currently have a tank top on the needles (more about that later) and I’ll have pictures of something I knit for a friend’s birthday as soon as she takes them (I forgot). Tomorrow I’ll have a post about a totally unrelated craft.