So as you know, I was flaked on for the Rainbow Swap. : ( Fortunately, hippiejo74 volunteered to angel for me, making me an amazing package of rainbow goodness:


A rainbow stamp, some perler coaster things, an AWESOME perler tree (that glows in the dark!), a trivet/potholder, two handkerchiefs, a lunchbag (made of totally sweet rainbow colored fabric that says “All you need is love”), the extra fabric, and an AMAZING messenger bag, into which I JUST transfered all the stuff in my purse cause this one is so much more awesome (and also more summery than my previous dark brown one).

And I’m NOT EVEN DONE YET. It wouldn’t all fit in one photo.


Rainbow arrow crayons, a cute little box, and YARN! I love yarn. She said she thinks it’s a cotton/silk blend and I’m still not sure how much there is, but I’ll figure out something to do with it.

Anyway, yes, hippiejo TOTALLY SPOILED ME, and this package was TOTALLY AWESOME and as soon as I get a spare moment, I’m definitely sending some awesome rainbow stuff her way.