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As I’ve mentioned before, my love of a fandom is cemented when I craft for it. Well, I recently participated in a Doctor Who swap on It’s a OTT thing swap, wherein you make one tiny thing based on the theme. I am super super proud of what I made. (dragonflyducky, if you haven’t received yet, no peeking!)

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to make, and I finally decided on an embroidery. And it’s great:


(It says “The angels have the phone box.”)

Check out those o’s! They’re so neat and even! For the angel, I found a picture of a Weeping Angel, then traced it from my monitor onto some tissue paper. Then I taped the tissue paper to a sunny window and traced the design onto my fabric. Yes, it was quite a few steps. Yes, it turned out awesome.

I also made a completely awesome card/bonus art thing.


The pieces were individually cut out of cardstock and glued down. There are a couple of pen lines but the majority is just bits of paper. The whole thing is coated in mod podge, giving it a sort of artsy feel. It’s kind of amazing. You may recall I made a similar card for my BSG swap. It’s a somewhat time-consuming process but the final product is so cool. I should do more art-type things.

I’m also currently involved in a Futurama swap, a hat swap, and I’m still working on the mohair sweater for WWFY. I like swaps. Also, yes, I’m a huge nerd. : )


So I have this habit of cycling through sci fi franchises. The good ones I watch obsessively and welcome to the fold of my fandoms. It is these shows which I continue to rave about, craft about, and obsess about. Among these franchises are SG1 and SGA (oh, how I love SGA), BSG, Harry Potter (of course) and Sanctuary (still ongoing but despite the protests of my inner biologist, I love that show to death. Mostly because of Amanda Tapping).

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve welcomed a new franchise into the fold. Doctor Who. Oh, Doctor Who. I protested for so long even though my college friends were nuts about it. I saw part of 9/Rose episode on TV once and part of a Tom Baker ep at college and I didn’t care for it. It was odd, the special effects were terrible, the writing was disappointing.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, I watched Blink.

And there I fell, head over heels for the doctor and the TARDIS and the many companions (I even liked Donna in the end). I’m currently on episode 10 of season five (I went back to the beginning and pretty much marathoned what was on Netflix, which is 1-5). I’m completely obsessed. I’m planning Tardis socks, setting an alarm for the Christmas special, and crocheting this:


Pattern: Weeping Angel Statue
Yarn: Left overs from some sharks
Hook: 3.75
Mods: Worked the base attached to the body instead of separately.


Not that I particularly have the space for things without a use, but this worked up so quickly and was a nice break between shark mittens. And once I craft about a fandom, you know my love is official. (See Chuck Palaniuk, Futurama, Battlestar Galactica, SG1)