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As I’ve mentioned before, my love of a fandom is cemented when I craft for it. Well, I recently participated in a Doctor Who swap on It’s a OTT thing swap, wherein you make one tiny thing based on the theme. I am super super proud of what I made. (dragonflyducky, if you haven’t received yet, no peeking!)

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to make, and I finally decided on an embroidery. And it’s great:


(It says “The angels have the phone box.”)

Check out those o’s! They’re so neat and even! For the angel, I found a picture of a Weeping Angel, then traced it from my monitor onto some tissue paper. Then I taped the tissue paper to a sunny window and traced the design onto my fabric. Yes, it was quite a few steps. Yes, it turned out awesome.

I also made a completely awesome card/bonus art thing.


The pieces were individually cut out of cardstock and glued down. There are a couple of pen lines but the majority is just bits of paper. The whole thing is coated in mod podge, giving it a sort of artsy feel. It’s kind of amazing. You may recall I made a similar card for my BSG swap. It’s a somewhat time-consuming process but the final product is so cool. I should do more art-type things.

I’m also currently involved in a Futurama swap, a hat swap, and I’m still working on the mohair sweater for WWFY. I like swaps. Also, yes, I’m a huge nerd. : )


Yes, I know the Oncoming Storm refers to the Doctor and not the daleks. I did not name the pattern. But clearly I am the oncoming storm since I punched up through some daleks and out through the top. Suck on that, Davros. And yes, my obsession with this show is cemented.

Anyway, I finished these mitts:


Pattern: The Oncoming Storm
Yarn: Black Patons Classic Wool and silvery grey ArtFibers Ming, a merino/silk blend of delightfulness.
Needles: US 6/4mm
Mods: Changed the ribbed thumb to garter and fixed the first black stripe so it doesn’t have the grey purl bumps on the color change. I also used worsted instead of dk.


I really love how they came out–they fit really well and the Ming is soooo soft. It’s like kitten fur mixed with clouds and dreams. Seriously nice. And the silk makes it really strong too–I couldn’t break it with my hands, which is pretty impressive seeing as it’s a single.


This last picture features one of our four cats. His name is Scrawny and my mother found him in my grandparents’ barn as a stray. I think he’s getting old now because we don’t know how old he was when we found him, but he’s a sweet cat. Loves to sit on my lap and curl up next to me while I sleep. He never used to like coming in my room but now he pretty much never leaves. Here’s a better photo:


I am a huge nerd. I somehow do not have any fingerless mitts. Therefore, these had to happen:


As you probably gathered, I have recently become a HUGE Doctor Who nut. I caught up on the entire New Who series in about two months or so and fell in love hard. I love the Daleks because they’re so delightfully campy and these mitts don’t scream “THIS IS ABOUT DOCTOR WHO.” Not that I’d care if they did.

The pattern is The Oncoming Storm and is pretty clearly written. I’m using some black Patons Classic Wool leftover from some spats and Artfibers Ming, a wool/silk single that feels like kittens. I’m having knitting anything else because I love working on these. Need to make some sharks, but I’m definitely enjoying the distraction.