So I didn’t finish my Sakura Tee in time to wear Saturday. If I hadn’t gone out with some friends Friday night I probably would have made it, but oh well. As it happens, I finished it Monday.

 photo 012-2_zpsec955ef9.jpg

Pattern: Sakura Tee from the summer 2012 Interweave Knits
Yarn: recycled cotton/acrylic blend
Needles: us 6/4 mm throughout
Mods: none really. Skipped switching needle sizes.

I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out. I wish I could have worn it Saturday, but oh well. It fits pretty well and it’s comfortable.

 photo 006-4_zps4251dcf1.jpg

The directions were super simple to follow. The only trouble I ran into is that the front ends up a fair amount longer than the back. That’s easy enough to get around–just cast on more stitches for the back than instructed, but I wish I would have known that before I made it. I did not cast on extra stitches and I wish I would have. I just blocked the hell of out of it with a hot steam iron. The acrylic content of the yarn should keep the blocked length even after washing, which will happen in the machine.

 photo 011_zps46a88f1c.jpg

For those playing at home, this is my fourth sweater of the year, which means I’m sorta kinda on track for 12 in a year. My next one will be a super simple, quick pullover out of some recycled wool/nylon/cashmere/angora (kitchen sink yarn, as I refer to it). Big yarn, big needles (like tens) and a slightly oversized/slouchy fit. Done from the top down probably with contiguous sleeves. Til then.