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Today is my birthday! Also, it’s snowing!


I turn 24 today. To celebrate, you can take 24% off of my patterns. Just use the coupon code “birthdaybirthday” at checkout. If you knit quickly, there’s plenty of time to whip up some shark mittens before Christmas! Promotion ends midnight EST Monday 12/9 (which is Joe’s birthday).


Today is my birthday! I’m 22! And my boyfriend’s birthday is tomorrow. He’ll be 25. To celebrate, take 23% off all pattern sales with the coupon code BIRTHDAYTIMES. Take advantage of it because the shark mittens pattern has been selling like hotcakes!

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with a more interesting post. With pictures, even! I finished some shark mittens but then I mailed them before I could snap a photo. : ( I’ve been really busy with work (I’ve been subbing for third grade with minimal sub plans so I’m sorta playing it by ear).

So the LYS in Fredericksburg, Knitter’s Cottage, is going out of business. I’m only very vaguely disappointed because it was kind of a high-end, over-priced, snooty kind of place and I mostly buy yarns and things online anyway. They’ve had things 20% off for a week or so, and I stopped in on Friday to check things out and see what I could find that would fit in my cheap-ass college student lack-of-budget. And score I did.


That’s a half-pound cone of Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in “obscure teal” (I know; it’s bizarre) with which I plan to knit some sort of tank combined with two skeins I have in “Emperor’s Robe” (a blue-purpleish color that may or may not match but at least has a less bizarre name and even if it doesn’t match, I’ll have enough of the teal for a tank). That’s also a POUND of Nature-Spun fingering weight wool. I mean, yes, it’s that lurid hot (burning hot-hot-owie-hot) pink, but seeing as I’m fairly competent around a dye pot (read: I can pour kool aid or Dylon dye into a bucket of hot water) I’ll be able to turn it into a more pleasing magenta or possibly mauve. I intend to make Thermal with about half of it, and then I will have half a cone of fingering weight wool in my stash. Which will be AWESOME.

I also scored this magazine for $3:


I don’t crochet nearly as much as I knit, but I did learn it first and I’m pretty decent at it. I know all the stitches and can follow a pattern, at least (though I can’t really read a chart/diagram properly). There are several cute cardigan pictures in it, but I mostly bought the mag on my DEEP DEEP desire to knit this:


Cute, right? Probably I’d do it in a solid color (probably still in some kind of sock yarn though–probably Knit Picks cause it’s HELLA CHEAP) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tall buttoned waistband and the flowy skirt bit. LOVE. So that’s happening for summer.

Also, I’m living in a university-owned apartment next year with my friends Sarah and Michelle. I’m considering convincing them to let me hang these in the kitchen or possibly balcony window:


What shocked me most about this, by the way (as if there’s more than one thing) is that the suggested yarn is a Red Heart acrylic (I mean, not SuperSaver; they’re not crazy, but still). I didn’t think Interweave liked to suggest anything but $45/skein fairy fart yarn. WHO’DATHUNK.

(Also: my teal cardigan is done and blocking but I need the weather to warm up before pictures happen, so on Wednesday you get more spinning efforts.)