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Today is my birthday! Also, it’s snowing!


I turn 24 today. To celebrate, you can take 24% off of my patterns. Just use the coupon code “birthdaybirthday” at checkout. If you knit quickly, there’s plenty of time to whip up some shark mittens before Christmas! Promotion ends midnight EST Monday 12/9 (which is Joe’s birthday).


Tomorrow is my 21st birthday! Fortunately, I have no finals (yay), so I’ll mostly be sleeping in late and having a nice dinner + champagne with my boyfriend. And also visiting the ABC store.

So yes. I’ll be 21! Whoo hoo! In honor of my birthday, all of my patterns will be 21% off tomorrow only! So if you were looking to buy one, tomorrow’s the day!

After much testing drama, the Green Leaves tank pattern is up and ready!


US $5.00

Ravel it!

To fit bust size 32” (36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60) (Shown in 32”)

Cascade Pima Tencel (50 g/89 yard skeins), 4 (5, 6, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) skeins or approx. 350 (400, 450, 500, 575, 650, 750, 850) yards worsted weight cotton/cotton blend yarn

US 5/3.5 mm 29” circular

Tapestry needle
Four stitch markers
3-4 mm crocheted hook (optional)

4.5 sts/8 rows per in/stockinette

That’s right everyone, this pattern is FINALLY up for purchase thanks to some great test knitters! The timing is a little off unfortunately (I had hoped to have the pattern up a little earlier), but there’s still some summer left! And I know plenty of places that are still warm through September. And let’s not forget about the Southern hemisphere, where it’ll be warming up soon!

Anyway, to celebrate this somewhat unplanned timing, I’m having a contest! Enter by leaving a contest on this post, and in one week (that’s Monday, August 16), I’ll draw a winner who’ll get to choose a pattern from my pattern store! For an extra entry, blog or tweet about the giveaway and leave another comment with the URL.

There are a total of two entries per person, open to everyone (regardless of location). The contest will stay open until Monday August 16 at midnight (approximately), at which point I’ll draw a winner. Make sure you leave an email so I can contact you! The winner will receive the pattern as a gift on Ravelry or (if you don’t have a Ravelry account) emailed to you. Good luck!

I’ve written up and had tested the Cabled Snow Hat, and it is available for purchase through Ravelry. There will be more on the Ravelympics sweater on Wednesday, but for the moment, let’s hear a word from our sponsors (i.e., me):

Cabled Snow Hat: US $1.75

Ravel it!

This hat is perfect for both men and women and is perfect for playing in the snow and keeping cold air off of your head. The hat brim is high enough to stay out of your eyes, and the earflaps mean your ears will stay warm and toasty, even in cold temperatures. Lots of heat is lost through the head, so this hat will keep you (or a loved one) warm.

The hat knits up fast and makes a great last-minute gift, and at only about 110 yards (half a ball of Cascade 220 superwash), this hat is also a great stash buster!

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash (or 110 yards of worsted weight yarn)

Needles: US 7/4.5 mm dpns and 16″ circ.

You will also need: a tapestry needle and a cable needle

Gauge: 5 sts/7 rows per inch stockinette

Finished Size: Will fit most adult heads (cable pattern is very stretchy)

After much time and much vacationing in Florida, I come bearing pictures of all the FO’s I did over winter break. I finished a ton of things, including two hats, two calorimetries, a shrug, and some other things. Pictures!

Hat number one: cable and rib hat of my own divising, based on the pattern from the cable and rib scarf which resembles the Irish Hiking scarf/hat, though that wasn’t intentional.


Bernat Softee Chunky, size 8 dpn’s and a circular, knitted rather loosely.

Two calorimetries, one of which is a gift, and one of which I may keep for myself or may be a gift.



Random blue acrylic from the stash and hand-dyed wool from a thrift store sweater. The pink, hand-dyed one was done using tie-dye, and I crocheted the buttons for both myself due to lack of buttons. I adore this pattern because it knits up, no joke, in two hours. Yay. I only cast on 80 for both, and that was plenty long enough. I repeated row 5 enough times to get 22 stitches on either side of the marker. On the blue one, I used a wrap and turn thing (s last stitch wyif, turn, s1 purlwise, p1, etc.) to make the holes smaller, which worked wonderfully.

Circular shrug:


Made with Caron Simply Soft and size 8’s. CO 200, which worked out fine. Made for my sister for Christmas. The damn thing took FOREVER to knit, and I was very much glad when it was finished. (It is totally finished, seaming and all, I just don’t quite have pictures of the finished project quite yet.

Another hat:


Random blue acrylic and blue Simply Soft, size 8 dpn’s and a circular. Made for my brother for Christmas. Just a simple stockinette with a roll brim.

Coffee Cozies:



Mostly various colors of Red Heart Super Saver in very small amounts I had in the stash. I started browsing a list of various stitches, and that’s how I did the checkerboard one, but I mostly just used variagated yarn or stripes to do my basic coffee cozy: CO 13 or 15 and keep a garter border for three stitches on each side, stockinette in the middle. Continue for nine inches or to fit, sew together. I don’t really know to whom these will go but, there is one that I know the recipient of:


That is my sad attempt at embroidery. It’s a dinosaur; can you tell? Well, I tried.

Currently on the needles, I have a scarf for a friend (which needs to be finished by Monday) and a ladder yarn scarf for my mother, but who knows when that will get finished. In the planning stages, I have a beret (the Meret, actually), a Talia vest (from Knitty) and various unbloggable (well, until much later anyway) things. Also, I bought a bunch of tees, so looks for some t-shirt tote bags on Etsy (and here) soon.

It’s been cold for the last couple of days and I’ve been itching to do some knitting that isn’t just scarves and rectangles. The result? I’ve cast on for two sweaters, only one of which I actually have enough yarn to make.

The first sweater I started is the Mrs. Darcy Cardigan. I’ve heard that the pattern is rife with error, but it’s really cute and I figure I can just wing it and see how it goes. I’m doing it in black with yarn I bought at the thrift store, so it will be really easy to match. I’ve finished the back and blocked it:


(Sorry the lighting is terrible; I didn’t feel like hauling a large piece of cardboard outside for a progress shot.) I’ve since put this aside in favor of another sweater.

On a recent trip to Walmart, I picked up four skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky on a whim (they were like, $1.50 each. Can you blame me?) and had no idea what to do with them. I wandered around Ravelry for a while and eventually stumbled upon this ballet-style wrap sweater from Lion Brand which uses bulky-weight yarn and large-ish needles, which I just happen to have. It also only calls for 500 yards of yarn, and I have about 600. Perfect. Here’s a progress shot, in the crappy lighting of my window sill:


It’s actually a solid grey color-not mottled at all, as it appears here.

I’ve also been working on various Christmas things, including a scarf in school colors (depressingly blue and grey, for Mary Washington) for a friend. Most of my Christmas presents will probably get done over winter break and will be given in January when I return for spring semester (mostly because I will have more time due to not have exams/class).