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I’ve been somewhat remiss in blogging for the past, oh, two weeks or so. Sorry about that. In my defense I was out of town with REALLY terrible internet for much of that time. I went to Florida to visit my grandparents and we went to Disney since my grandparents work for the company. I, of course, brought my knitting to entertain myself in line.




I also fed kangaroos (!):


And made kissy faces at goats:


Also, this happened:


EPCOT has a Norway section. Because totes, that’s what you do in Norway.

Anyway, I mostly knitted sharks (I finished about three pair I think), but I did start a new thing which I will talk about later when I get some decent pictures of it thus far. It’s a thing for me because I’m taking a little break from sharks even though I have like three more pairs to knit. Bleh. I do like the income though.

Also, happy new year to all. I don’t really have any New Year’s resolutions (not that I’d keep them anyway), but my goals for 2012 are to be better and to finally move up to Fairfax and out of my parents’ house. I’m really hoping I’ll stick to that last one. I love working as a substitute teacher, but I’m sure I can find something similar in NOVA.


So… yeah. Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been on vacation this week (since last Thursday and through Saturday) and haven’t had a lot of blog fodder. But I hope everyone had/is having a lovely holiday. Mine’s been pretty low-key so far, lots of shopping and resting, and my boyfriend and I are currently going through the Joss Whedon show Dollhouse (I’ve seen all it of it; he hasn’t; I think it’s brilliant and I love it).

I’ve been knitting, but mostly shark mittens. I currently have I believe three more pairs to knit, and then I have a bit of a break. Still lots of WWFY/swap knitting though. I recently received a package that had been sent to my house in like, September for a WWFY swap so now I have two pairs of socks to add to the queue. Fun. Like I said before though, once I’ve finished this round of swapping, I’m going to take a break and knit for ME ME ME.

I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year’s tomorrow. I’m attending a costume party (a fairy tale-themed murder mystery party) as Little Bo Peep. It should be lots of fun. : ) And as for resolutions, I don’t really have any other than to do better and be happy. How about you? What are your resolutions?

Merry Christmas everyone! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a nice, relaxing day (or as close to it as you can). I’m currently out of town at the moment (in Florida, visiting my grandparents and Disney World), and I won’t be back until Jan. 3. Fortunately, I’ll have some posts scheduled (and I’ll be in and out of the internet periodically, so I’ll be checking in and maybe posting). For example, I’ve already got a post scheduled for Sunday (day after tomorrow).

Happy Holidays, and I’ll be sure to talk about my trip when I get back. : )