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Dear blog:

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last entry. Clearly I failed terribly at NaBloPoMo but in my defense, my boyfriend was in town and now I’m up with him, doing relatively little knitting and certainly not taking any pictures.

I could show you this yarn I dyed last week for a WWFY swap:


It’s Sanguine Gryffon Bugga Skinny and I used black RIT dye. As an aside, I’ve never seen yarn suck up dye so fast. I usually dye wool and it takes a good 30 minutes. With this, I dunked it in the bucket for 30 seconds and it was already darker than I would have liked.

I could show you the haircut I got last week, which is super short and pixie-like:

Or I could show you a picture of a kitty:

None of which happened in the last five days or so. But I am knitting some things (spats and sharks for Etsy) and I’ve been finishing things (my garter belt, which works with thick knit socks but I need to find a better holding mechanism for lighter ones).

Hopefully I’ll be back for more posts this week (I’m going hiking at some point and I should definitely take pictures of that).