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Unfortunately, this did not come out how I wanted, despite modifications, so it’s headed for the frogpond (or, well, hibernation I guess because I have a metric fuckton of yellow RHSS and I can’t see needing the yarn from this bag any time soon). It’s not so bad though as I didn’t really need another bag and I prefer to sew purses anyway. *shrug* Here are the specs regardless:

Pattern: DROPS cable bag, 98-54
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver, in Bright Yellow
Needles: US 8/5 mm Knit Picks Options 24″ and 30″ circular needle
Modifications: Many. Cast on fewer, made the increase and decrease rows less steep, lengthened the cable panel for a larger bag, made the cables wider (4×4 instead of 3×3, which actually made a huge difference) probably effed up the bottom bit (I basically just decreased, did garter for a while, then seamed the bottom using Kitchener stitch). I also cast on with a provisional cast on and knit the top garter band later because I wanted to see how my CO number would work and also I was anxious to get to the cables to see how they would work out. Planned to line with pretty pink fabric and use a chain handle, but didn’t get that far.

In happier news, the Climbing Vines pullover is nearly done. I have the entire body knit as well as a sleeve and a half. The other sleeve will probably be done by Tuesday. I’m also working on a special present for my friend Sarah’s birthday (if you’re reeeeally curious, Sarah can be found in the second ever post of this blog, modeling a hat, a crochet calorimetry, and a scarf thing), which I am planning to mail to her Tuesday. When she gets it, I’ll post pictures here. I also started a pair of gloves, mostly because I wanted something small I could knit while at Busch Gardens (Williamsburg) with some friends today. They have fingers, so they’ll be taking a little longer, but they will happen, and pictures will happen here. ALSO, there’s swap stuff (yes, another one). So stay tuned for lots more posts about finished things.


So my mother is a frequent yard sale shopper. I occasionally like to go with her, but this morning I had to work so I did not go. Fortunately, my mother kept me in mind and picked up a gallon-sized ziplock bag of buttons! (It wasn’t full, but still.) Many of them were the extra buttons you get with clothes with buttons, and while most of them were boring two or four hole flat buttons, there were a couple of really cool shank buttons, brass with vaguely nautical themes:


But my favorite of all the buttons is this tiny little heart-shaped one:


So now my button box is almost full! Here’s a gratuitous shot off all of my buttons:


And now for some actual knitting content. I have two projects on the needles currently, because you know, I thought I’d just keep the project orgy going. Yeah. Anyway, I have a DROPS cable bag and the Climbing Vines Pullover from the winter IK. Both are slow going because they’re either cables/ribs or require me to follow a chart. I prefer to knit on the pullover because, as I am using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, it is lovely to knit on, and the pattern is challenging and interesting (even though I hate charts). I am knitting the bag because I really would like to have the bag, not so much because I enjoy knitting it. I am using Red Heart Super Saver because I wanted something cheap and easy to wash, though in retrospect, I should have just sucked it up and gotten some Plymouth Encore or something. *shrug* I’m slogging through it, bolstered by the fact that it’s really cute and I have adorable pink lining fabric.

More details on those will come later, when I get a little further into the construction. I mostly just wanted to show off my buttons. : )