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As I have probably mentioned before, I’m not very good at cooking. There’s not a lot of stuff I know how to make and if I do cook, I like to have a recipe to follow to the letter. Today for breakfast I made a thing that was completely delicious and completely amazing, following a recipe (mostly).

(I’m really proud of the strawberry garnish on top. Don’t judge me.)

I made crepes! As I’ve mentioned, I am currently on spring break. This means my allergic-to-nuts boyfriend is out of town and thus my diet is roughly 90% nutella. I was running out of things to eat it on (as I thought it would possibly be bad for me to eat it with a spoon) so I did a little googling and found this recipe. I used the basic crepe recipe, then filled them with nutella and strawberries (in two of them) and blackberry jam and strawberries (the last one).


I accidentally made the crepes a little thick so the recipe yielded four crepes, one of which is in the freezer and I might eat it tomorrow or Thursday. They came out super delicious and amazing and now I want to eat various forms of crepes for every meal. Or at least several of them. Like breakfast tomorrow with eggs and cheese and bell peppers and hot sauce. YUM. Possibly I’ll just use a tortilla.


I’m sure there are some among you that are like, “Pfft, crepes, whatever. Last night I made a six course meal for just myself IN AN HOUR.” Like I said, I don’t cook. So this is like HOLY SHIT AMAZING for me. I’m super proud of it.

Knitting content to continue next time. Probably.


Since I finished my striped vest, I’ve been working on a bunch of things off and on. I started (and okay, finished), something for OWS. I started a pair of baby-sized (meaning four-year-old-sized; anyone under ten is a baby as far as I’m concerned) shark mittens for a customer (well, his mother is the customer, obviously) on Etsy. I made a swatch.

Wait, what?

Yep, I made a swatch:


In some lovely wool/cashmere/angora that I got from a thrift store sweater. What’s it for? Well, you will just have to wait and see.

There’s also this happy pile of wool/angora/cashmere (less cashmere though):


That will be dyed a lovely red so I can knit into a capelet for my Halloween costume. And also to wear.

I also started another OWS thing that requires me to chain-ply some green lace weight yarn I frogged from a thrift store sweater, and it’s taking approximately forever since I’m using a spindle and it’s not really something I can take everywhere. So slow going. But going.

And unrelated to knitting, I also made a peach crisp. (I used this recipe.)


Which sounds like it should be healthy because it’s full of peaches, right? Except no. Cause it’s got a ton of brown sugar and a stick of butter. So yeah. Not so healthy. But delicious.