Since I finished my striped vest, I’ve been working on a bunch of things off and on. I started (and okay, finished), something for OWS. I started a pair of baby-sized (meaning four-year-old-sized; anyone under ten is a baby as far as I’m concerned) shark mittens for a customer (well, his mother is the customer, obviously) on Etsy. I made a swatch.

Wait, what?

Yep, I made a swatch:


In some lovely wool/cashmere/angora that I got from a thrift store sweater. What’s it for? Well, you will just have to wait and see.

There’s also this happy pile of wool/angora/cashmere (less cashmere though):


That will be dyed a lovely red so I can knit into a capelet for my Halloween costume. And also to wear.

I also started another OWS thing that requires me to chain-ply some green lace weight yarn I frogged from a thrift store sweater, and it’s taking approximately forever since I’m using a spindle and it’s not really something I can take everywhere. So slow going. But going.

And unrelated to knitting, I also made a peach crisp. (I used this recipe.)


Which sounds like it should be healthy because it’s full of peaches, right? Except no. Cause it’s got a ton of brown sugar and a stick of butter. So yeah. Not so healthy. But delicious.