Ravelry tells me I made this scarf in March, so that’s a little closer to the present anyway?


This scarf was woven on my big Le Clerc rigid heddle loom with a 5.5 dpi reed. It uses two skeins of yarn, both recycled and both overdyed by me. The warp is a straight up wool that was dyed with a tie dye kit several summers ago. The weft is a merino/angora/nylon blend that originally came in beige then, in an attempt to get red, was dyed surgical waste pink before being overdyed to get a lovely purple. This is, I believe, the third project I’ve made with this particular yarn, and I still have two skeins (one purple, one pink) left. (It is excellent for weaving though.)


And can I just say, my porch makes an excellent backdrop for photos, don’t you think? I mean, there’s the risk of looking a little Etsy-pretentious (I’d link to the Regretsy post about the phenomenon, but Regretsy is sadly defunct), but I’m a tiny bit Etsy-pretentious what with the sharks and all, so it works. And the weathered wood makes my pictures so pretty.

Speaking of Etsy, I’m about 95% certain that’s where this scarf is going (Lord knows I don’t need any more scarves), but I haven’t gotten around to listing it yet. There’s a slew of things I need to buckle down and list, but who knows when that will get done. I’ll let you know when they’re up.