The weaving obsession continues. And continues.

 photo 018_zps2974dd6d.jpg

Yarn: recycled and handdyed yarns. Warp: Sugical Waste Weft: Raspberry Stains
Loom: Easy Weaver
Reed: 8 dent

 photo 028_zps1badad65.jpg

This prettiness started as a long strip of fabric. I sewed it together following this tutorial. There was a bit of swearing, especially when it turned out that despite my careful measuring, the lining was a bit smaller than the bag itself.

 photo 023-1_zpsf62c938e.jpg

I think it came out well though. The lining is a bit of a cotton sheet (the same one I used to back my UMW quilt It’ll go in my bag of bags because lord knows I have a ton of them. Currently, I’ve got woven yardage waiting for a project stored in it.