I made some socks!

They sparkle!

Pattern: It’s a sock. Cuff down, gusset/flap heel, wedge toe
Yarn: Berroco Sox Metallic in Fruit Cocktail, about 60g of 100g
Needles: US 1/2.25mm Addi Sock Rockets

These are pretty standard socks, so there isn’t a tremendous amount to say about them. They fit pretty well, although the cuffs are little shorter than my usual, which explains why they only took just over half a skein. I could make a whole other pair if I used coordinating heels, toes, and cuffs (which I very well might; I could probably get away with just different heels).

I completely love the yarn though. It isn’t my usual colors, but it SPARKLES. I love the metallic thread. LOVE. I’m like a magpie, I swear. Aside from the sparkle, it’s a pretty good, basic sock yarn. I have no idea how it will wear, but I think it will be okay. I bought the yarn in an actual LYS (shocking, I know). I finally got around to visited Uniquities after attending a couple of their fiber events. Not that I’m lacking in sock yarn, but I might go back at some point and get some more of this yarn. It was lovely to work with and I do love a sparkle.

On that same trip, I also picked up the thing I was actually there to get, which was a new set of sock needles. I’d previously been using a Knit Picks US 1 fixed circular, which was working okay, but the finish was starting to wear on the needles. I bought them before KP switched their production to China so the quality is still pretty good, but I wanted a newer set anyway. I actually wanted to try out Chiagoo, but I ended up getting Addi Sock Rockets since that’s what the shop had.

I like the needles quite a bit. The cable is a little long for knitting one sock at a time, but I think it will be perfect for knitting two at the same time. I’d still like to try a couple other brands of sock needles, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to another LYS. Plus I have to worry about my bank account because it’s not like I’m going to go to an LYS and ONLY buy ONE set of needles. We all know sock yarn would be coming home with me and I’m supposed to be saving so I have move.

Anyway, socks. They’re simple, they’re utilitarian, and they’re fun to knit. Especially if the yarn sparkles.