I finished a thing! A really big thing. I started it back in May sometime and finished it the other day:

 photo 010_zpsd0f98a4a.jpg

Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket
Yarn: Recycled wool from a really big sweater
Needles: US 11/8 mm
Mods: None? I used the crochet bind off though.

OMG you guys. I really enjoyed knitting this and I really love the finished object but JESUS was it a pain in the ass to block. It just barely fits on my bed and the loops kept jumping off the pins. I ended up putting a heavy object in the middle (some barbell weights) and steaming the middle section then stretching, pinning, and steaming each of the arms individually. It took a long time. But it did work out really well.

 photo 005_zps70771beb.jpg

Queen sized bed, y’all. Seriously.

 photo 008_zps552cdece.jpg

Because July is exactly the time for heavy wool blankets. And I mean heavy. This thing is over 700g and the yarn is SUPER thick and rustic. Like bits of veg matter rustic. I love it though. It gets cold sometimes in the basement, even in July, and it’s a perfect extra layer over my snuggly cashmere blanket.

In non-blanket related news (specifically science fiction reading), there’s this Kickstarter. It’s for an anthology of time-travel short stories, and it includes stories by Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole, and Aaron Allston. Understandably, I’ve pledged about as much of my money as I can, but I need you guys to kick in. If you like science fiction, books, time-travel, or Star Wars novels (ZAHN, STACKPOLE, AND ALLSTON), I need you guys to contribute. There’s like three days left and I want to hit the $20k goal. SECOND VOLUME. NOVELLA BY ZAHN. I need it. NEED. So do me a favor and give them some money. DO IT FOR STACKPOLE, YOU GUYS. Because he is the best.