I made another sweater! It worked up so fast I don’t think I even showed it as a work in progress.

 photo 007_zps55d5e18d.jpg

Pattern: Liesl by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Interlacements New Mexico in Summer Fruit
Needles: US 10/6 mm
Mods: None, really. I did garter cuffs instead of the picot hem

 photo 005_zps71fcb894.jpg

It looks a wee bit odd over this dress here, but that’s what I had on and I wasn’t going to change just to photograph a sweater. Good enough. It’s a lovely little sweater, light and airy and perfect for over-air conditioned offices. I didn’t put in any buttons; I have a shawl pin stuck in it here. I’ll probably wear it open mostly, but I might get a big safety pin or a belt for the future. I need to get some shawl pins.

 photo 004_zpsbfa6f6e7.jpg

I cast on stitches to make one of the medium sizes because I used a lighter yarn and smaller needles. The neckline still came out super small despite using the wide neck numbers. I had this problem the last time I made this sweater too–either the numbers are weird or I cast on freakishly tightly. Everything seems to lay alright, so I don’t <i>think</i> it’s me, but who knows.

I also made the body of the sweater pretty short. I didn’t want a fully cropped sweater like a shrug, but I think the shorter length works better with dresses. Especially with my freakishly long torso. Maybe the cropped length will shorten my torso and lengthen my legs. That’s the hope, anyway. I’m not too fussed about it though since I’m generally not too concerned with my appearance (I have been known to wear my jammies out and about because that’s how I roll).

 photo 006_zpsf62471e5.jpg

This makes my eighth sweater of the year, for those keeping track at home. I’m like two months ahead at this point. But my next sweater (unless I cast on another one, which I very well might) is that fingering weight one and it’s only about an inch past the sleeve separation. I am working on other things though. I’m sure I’ll proceed to cast on nine other things (at the very least) before I finish that sweater. Plus I recently warped up another scarf on the little loom. As you do. Too many crafts, not enough time.