I currently have three projects in the works plus another small one for Etsy. First up, the vanilla socks:


I’m doing an afterthought heel which is why they look oddly long.

Next is a Bigger on the Inside shawl from the most recent Knitty:


It’s a recycled wool/angora blend that I had dyed through WWFY. I love it.

And finally….


OMG. Spinning. I know. If you’ve just started following the blog… any time in the last year, then you probably didn’t know I did that. BUT I DO. I was watching the Knit Girllls podcast and felt the urge to spin. I got out some Romney I got from an OWS swap a while ago. I’ve missed spinning. I really love it. Because I clearly don’t have enough yarn as it is.

In unrelated fandom news, I’ve finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy and am going to see the movie this afternoon. If you’d like to hear my thoughts, hop on over to Twitter.