Soooo I totally spaced yesterday. So today’s post will be from day four of KCBW and I’ll do day five… sometime. Anyway. Today/yesterday’s topic is about seasonal knitting. Basically, do you knit seasonally appropriately?

I think I try. But I live in Virginia:

It’s the truth. So when I finished this hat in November

I really thought I was on the ball and SO READY for winter.

And then winter never happened. We had like three days of winter where it was in the 40s and then it was the 60s for the rest of the “winter”.

Ravelry tells me I finally finished these shorts in mid-March:

Notice how I have tights and a sweater on. Because even though winter never happened and it was officially spring, it was bloody cold that day.

If Virginia had proper seasons, I think I’d knit for them. I finished my Karlsro in September

which should have been just in time for the cooler fall weather. And then there… wasn’t any.

I made my Great Gatsby Dress in July:

and that seems perfectly suitable to July.

Of course I also knit heavy knee high socks in July…

I try. It’s not my fault if the weather’s made up! I think I’ll go to Boston. I hear it’s nice in the summer. Some snow would be nice….. /Augustana