Today’s KCBW topic is knitting heroes. Someone in the knitting (or crochet) world (or not) that inspires you. Let me tell you about a secret knitting crush I’ve had for years. I don’t usually gush about designers too much, but this one seems to have the style I wish I had. I literally want to knit almost everything she’s ever designed. This designer is Connie Chang Chinchio.

Seriously people. This is a sample of patterns that are on Ravelry:

This is a screen shot from Ravelry. I want to make ALL THE THINGS. I currently have definite plans for the Apres Surf Hoodie and I am currently lusting over the Alexandria Cardigan and the Cayuga Hat (seriously I am IN LOVE with this hat). Plus, y’know, everything else. Because seriously, do you see the cardigans?

I apparently haven’t knit anything by her yet, but I WILL. Because the sweaters. All the sweaters. I must have them.