So today I received in the mail a metric fuck-ton of yarn. A grand total of 21 skeins (plus a pattern book). Half Noro Silk Garden and half Noro Kureyon. Before you ask, no I didn’t buy it. And no, I don’t keep to keep all of it. I’ve started another WWFY trade. I’ll be knitting this sweater:


Out of this yarn:


And in return I get to keep the book, the leftovers and ten skeins of Noro Kureyon:


I’m pretty stoked about this trade. I’ve never worked with Noro before and I’ve heard some bad things about it. But I’ve balled up a few skeins of the Silk Garden and I kind of like it so far. It has a similar thick/thin/single texture to Lamb’s Pride (a yarn I LOVE) and the colors are pretty. I’ll be on the lookout for awkward color sequences and missing dye, but I haven’t seen any major problems (or major vm) in the 3.5 balls I’ve done so far.

I don’t anticipate this sweater taking long (it’s knit from side to side on freakin’ 10.5’s) so I’ll probably be taking a break from Haruni and my blue/red socks. I want to finish at least the first chart of Haruni before I start this sweater (as chart A is the perfect thing to knit while I’m watching SG1 on my computer–interesting but not hard).

I’ll let you know progress as I make it and I promise I’ll show WIP photos of the socks and Haruni soon.