The other week I got a swap package from a crafter in the OWS swap. It contained some metaloic embroidery floss, some perle cotton, and some stamp carving supplies, including a lino cutter and a sheet of speed ball. Armed with that and also some cheap erasers, I made the following stamp (and am a huge nerd):


Mustache, yarn ball, Erlenmeyer flask, Mac apple, the Earth symbol from Stargate (I just recently finished (and LOVED) SGA and have started SG1), and three gears (I was going for a little steampunk-y).

They weren’t too difficult to carve, especially with tools better suited that the metal end of a pencil. I love how them came out (especially the yarn and the Mac apple) and I will have to find lots of occasions to include them. : )

I’ve also been knitting. I’m almost done with the red/blue striped socks and I started a lace shawl. I also whipped up a set of nesting bowls for a swap. But more on those later.