So, as I mentioned last post, I am taking a break from the endless Manly Aran Socks to knit a vest. It’s a super quick project that I’m designing mostly on the fly, and even though I started three days ago, this is what it looks like so far:


Plus about two inches of the back. So I have left to finish the rest of the back, plus some ribbing or something around the edges. My original sketch of this design looked like this:


I think I’m going to work up a shorter version of the sketch (the tails would be right under the bust) so I can fiddle with the neck/arm shaping so the pattern doesn’t suck. I do love the princess lines on the fronts, which came out pretty much how I wanted. The neckline is a little funny, but I think that’ll look better when I work some ribbing there.

I can’t wait for this vest to be finished–I’m thinking it’ll look super cute over a flowey blouse or dress.