So this post is a little less than thrilling. Sorry about that.

I am knitting socks. Manly Aran socks, to be specific (from Wendy Johnson’s second book). This is what they look like so far:

(I futzed around with the image a little but it’s dreary and grey today so not much light)

They are the second pair to the first I finished last week for a WWFY swap on Ravelry. I am quite ready for them to be done, though they are progressing pretty smoothly. I am a couple of rows into the gusset.

I think I’m going to start another project this evening though so I don’t get so bored knitting the second pair of gigantic socks I flings them across the room. It’s going to be a vest of my own design knit in a cotton/linen blend yarn I frogged from a thrift store sweater.