So… I forgot to blog yesterday. Bad NaBloPoMo participant. Oh well. One of these days I’ll do two posts to make up for yesterday. But not today because it’s already after four and I have plans tonight. What plans, you ask?


That’s right, folks, I’m going to the premiere of the seventh Harry Potter movie because I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter. I’m sort of dressing up (I’ll be Slytherin-themed with a grey and green striped sweater dress and black tights) and I’ll be drawing a dark mark on my arm. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of other people’s costumes for tomorrow. : )

As for the WIP:


It’s the Cloud Bolero for a WWFY swap. I think I’ll be casting off soon, but I have to make sure it’s long enough for the recipient’s daughter. I also finished the mitten part of a pair of shark mittens (still need to do mouths and fins). That’s the first of three pairs that were ordered from my Etsy shop the other day. One of them will be in acrylic though, which my brother is sending me from home since I don’t have any grey acrylic yarn here at school.

Is anyone else going to see Harry Potter tonight? Are you dressing up? Tell me in the comments! (No, really, I’m interested. I love people who dress up for movie premieres.)