Before I go into today’s subject matter, I just want to note that my shark mittens were featured on the Meet Me at Mike’s blog! And I’m super chuffed about it. : )

Anyway, so I got the yarn yesterday for another WWFY swap that I am super excited about. I’m knitting for Stuffycat, and she sent six skeins of Bugga:


The brown that’s partially balled will be made into Cookie A’s Monkey socks and the other two will be made into Kitty Hawk, a steampunk-errific set of mitts and a hat.

In return, I received the following three skeins of yarn:


And I already know what I’m going to knit with them. The blue will be made into Viper Pilots and the other two are for my own set of Kitty Hawk mitts and hat. Yay!

I have a bunch of other things I have to knit before I can start any of these (including THREE PAIRS of shark mittens I got orders for yesterday), but I can’t wait to be able to knit with the Bugga. It’s super soft and lovely. And now I have three!