Happy Halloween!

So it turns out that my big Halloween weekend was last weekend. I went to a dance on Friday night and had a small get-together last night. Today I wandered about downtown Fredericksburg with my boyfriend, visiting a cat-themed store (that has like, five actual cats wandering about in it and I got to scritch and pet some of them), a coffee shop, and a bookstore, and tonight I’ll be having dinner with some friends. Not a big party scene, but a pretty good weekend nonetheless.

I also started a hat because it occurs to me I don’t have to finish the sweater I was working on until December 9th, so I have some time and I wanted to knit something for ME. And I don’t have enough hats.


It’s Brambles from the most recent Knitty. I’m using some teal Cascade 220 that I picked up a while back. I used it for another small project (a peacock for a bird swap), so I should have enough but it might be close.

The hat is working up pretty quickly, and I’m thrilled how it’s coming out. I can’t wait to block and wear it. : )