So as you all know, I recently finished up my cape for Halloween, which I’m totally counting as my number ten sweater of the year because even though it doesn’t have arms, neither do tank tops. Also, it’s awesome. Anyway, cape. Then I knitted some hats. And then I started another sweater:


That would be EZ’s Seamless Hybrid in Knit Picks Comfy Bulky (in Planetarium). It’s for my boyfriend’s birthday and modeled off of a sweater he already owns. At 40″ around (kind of loose on my small boyfriend), it’s the largest thing I’ve knitted and I suspect I’ll be at it for a while. I almost certainly won’t have enough yarn, but I’m going to knit through most of my yarn to see how much more I’ll need. It’s gonna be close, at any rate.

I also signed up for a couple more WWFY trades, so I’ll be knitting for that. And then I might take a break and knit myself some socks or a hat or another sweater. I do need more hats….