With a little over a week til Halloween and two days until the first of a series of Halloween parties for which I am expected to dress up, I have been knitting almost non-stop. Of the five balls of Northampton I bought to work my red capelet, I have full worked two and am halfway through the third. I’ve finished the shoulder shaping and started the hood, so things are moving right along. Here’s where I’m at right now:


So I just have the hood left, plus weaving in ends (just the one from finishing though, since I weave in cast on tails as I go) and blocking (which the thing seriously needs–the bottom edge curls up like nobody’s business.

I have also finished the underbust corset I’ll be wearing and have the rest of the components of the costume. I’ve decided to go with either black pumps or boots (depending on my mood), but I can’t wait to put it all together and photograph it for you to see. It’s gonna be bitchin’.