Take two of this hat pattern!


Pattern: My own! Will be up here and on Rav in a couple of days. Cause everyone loves free hat patterns.
Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool that I’ve been using for EVERYTHING and also some handdyed reclaimed sweater wool
Needles: US 8/5mm dpns and bamboo circ.


So it came out a little large, but I, at least, am pleased with that because that means it covers more of my head in the dead of winter when it’s actually snowing (so like… late January) or even if it’s just slightly chilly. Also, I seriously love this color I dyed. I used tie-dye over last winter to get this lovely mottled pink-purple. Yay! I only had a little bit, and it turned out perfect for the color work. Yay color work!

Anyway, to get some practice with pattern writing (and because I thought someone might like to make it), I’m writing up the pattern. It has a colorwork chart. It’ll probably be up here in the next couple of days as it’s finished, I just have to flip the chart upside down. And I’m LAZY. Or, actually, we’ll say busy cause it’s almost finals week and I should be studying. Yes. BUSY. Heh.