Okay, so things are going to reverse order from what I said Sunday. Turns out I left the hat I was going to publish somewhere I can’t actually get to it quite yet, so instead you get socks! Whoo hoo!


Pattern: It’s a toe up sock with a short row heel.
Yarn: Red Heart Heart and Sole, one skein, colorway “Toasted Almond”
Needles: US 1/2.25 mm metal dpns


I used a basic toe-up sock pattern with a short row heel and increased to 64 stitches. This resulted in socks that are a bit too big, but not so much so that I can’t wear them. Amazingly, my gauge is something ridiculous like 9 spi, so these should wear pretty well, despite them being too big. The next time I make plain ankle socks (and it will be soon… I’m already looking at Knit Picks for a fix of sock yarn), I’ll only go up to 56 stitches and I think they’ll fit better.

Also, despite this being a “cheap” sock yarn, I liked it fine. It was cheap–with a coupon, I think I got it for like $3 at Micheal’s, but I liked knitting with it, and it’s comfortable. And the colors are fine. My socks don’t match, but I’ve been known to wear mismatched socks when I can’t find a pair anyway.

In unrelated news: I received one of two Ongoing Wish Swap packages yesterday, so that’s happening. Plus I finished that hat that I was going to show you today. I’m glad I’ve got all this blog fodder because my current knitting is working on my Featherweight Cardi, and that is sloooooooow going. Lace weight on 4mm needles. Yeah. It’s simple stockinette though, so it’s fine for all the work I’ve got going on this week.