Since my last post, I’ve finished three scarves. Three! First is the Bernat Softee Chunky cable scarf, which was for my friend Janet’s birthday. I lack pictures of the finished product since I gave it to her, but it looks just like the last picture except longer without knitting needles attached. Also, it has fringe.

There’s also my Irish Hiking Scarf, made from Bernat Satin and 8’s:


It was taking FOREVER, so I’m very glad it’s all finished and cast off and ends woven in. : )

There’s also this scarf:


Don’t be fooled by its demure image here. That scarf is the spawn of Satan, manifested in yarn. The deal with this scarf is that my mother bought some yarn and I’d knit it up for Christmas because the LAST scarf I made her is full of holes and is falling apart. I took on the project because, well, I figure I should probably do something for my mother for Christmas. The scarf is made of Paton Pooch and Lion Brand Fun Fur on bamboo 10’s, and it is a bitch and a half. Either of those yarns on their own would be hellish, but together? It’s the freakin’ apocalypse.

Over Thanksgiving, I also whipped up this bunny rabbit from some random fuzzy white acrylic and a pair of 10’s:


I think it’s adorable. Also for the bf’s birthday because A, he loves rabbits and B, birthdays are more important than Christmas so he gets two things. : ) I had tried this pattern before, unsuccessfully, but I finally got it right this time. : )

I’ve started working on some dishcloths for my grandmother for Christmas, and I’ll have pictures of those when I’m finished with the set. I still have a ton of knitting to do for Christmas, but I’m making progress, and I think I’m going to have plenty of time.