Well, it’s the end of November, and for Craftsters, that can mean only one thing: Less than a month to go to get all of the Christmas presents finished. The end of November means the beginning of December, and December means late nights frantically weaving in ends and seaming. Happily for me, many of my Christmas projects don’t need to be completed until mid-January when I get back to school (my friends will be getting their Christmas presents after winter break, giving me an extra 2-3 weeks to finish up the knitting). I do have family to craft for, though, and a December birthday present (early December… Much of Thanksgiving break is going to be spent on this scarf).

First on the list, a Christmas/Birthday combo gift, the cable/rib scarf I referred to in a previous entry:


It’s getting there, but I’ve got a bit to go yet. Made out of Bernat Softee Chunky on 11’s.

Next: an iPod sweater for my sister. It’s done in 2×1 rib with a ribbed pocket sewn on the back for headphones. The pocket is a little funny, but it’s my sister and she won’t care too much.

Photobucket Photobucket

It’s made out of some nameless sport-weight acrylic, holding two strands together. On my 8’s, which are basically my favorite needles ever.

I’ve been feeling rather green about this Christmas, so I whipped up a collection of coffee cozies. They’re designed to take the place of the cardboard things you get at coffee shops that keep your hands from burning. I have five of at least ten finished, but they only take about an hour total to make, so it won’t be hard to make more. They’re made out of various colors of Red Heart Super Saver.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I’m particularly fond of that last one there, which can be used for coffee shop mugs or ceramic mugs at home. I will definitely be making more in that style, though with some kind of border because the stockinette curls terribly. There are also two cabled ones, two in seed stitch (only one made it into the picture), and one that has ribbing and was knit longways instead of shortways, like the other ones. I’m keeping that one for myself because the seaming is full of suck, and I don’t really want to inflict that on my friends and family.

Finally: an Irish Hiking Scarf for the Boyfriend’s birthday. Interestingly, the cast on has 42 stitches which provides a nice little Hitchhiker’s reference that he will enjoy.


I used Bernat Satin, which is lovely and soft and joyous to knit with, except it does not slide well over my bamboo needles, so I will be switching to aluminum when I get home (because when I left for college, I was thinking, “I only even knit scarves, and I much prefer to crochet, so I only need a couple pairs of needles, and there’s no possible way this decision will come back to haunt me.”)

In total, after all Christmas and Birthday gifts have been completed, I will have:

– 6 scarves
– at least ten coffee cozies (probably WAY more)
– 2 hats
– a pair of armwarmers
– 2/3 PDA cozies
– a dress (I’m sewing one for my sister once she picks out fabric)
– 6 dishcloths
– a Swiffer cover for the roommate

I’ve finished a scarf, the armwarmers, 2 PDA cozies, and five coffee cozies. I really ought to get knitting.