Despite the fact that it is like, 75 degrees outside in October, it has been cold, and as a result, I’ve been whipping up cold weather things. Honestly, I like to make nothing more than I like cold weather things.

First: a crochet cal, modeled by the lovely Sarah (cause it’s easier to take pictures of other people, that’s why):

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I mostly made up my own pattern. I’ve seen patterns for crochet cal’s, but they’re usually too wide. When I put my hair up, it’s usually low, so wider cal’s make a weird bump. This one is much thinner across and keeps my ears nice and toasty when it’s cold. I used black thrift store wool and an H hook. I also made one in soft brown acrylic, but it was for someone, and I neglected to take photos. Also, it looked the same.

Second: A scarflet, also modeled by the lovely Sarah:

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Made from lovely soft acrylic with an H hook (can you tell it’s my favorite hook?). The buttons I actually made myself as well–they’re circlular plastic discs covered with fabric from a thrift store skirt with a horrible cut but a cool pattern (I bought it for purse lining anyway.

Third: not technically cold weather appropriate, but a hat, modeled by Sarah, which now belongs to Sarah:


I’ve been trying to make a slouchy tam-type hat FOREVER and I haven’t been able to find the right pattern. This was close, but I decided I wouldn’t wear it. Sarah liked it, so I gave it to her. She likes it and wears it.

Speaking of cold weather things–I’ve got another post in mind for more awesome cold weather things, but they’re part of a swap, so I won’t be posting them until they’re received (Mondayish, hopefully). So look for an awesome swap post soon.