Hello all, and welcome to the first post of my brand new craft blog, The Adulterous Whores Club, which (if you check the About page, you’ll see) is named for a high school joke. Here in this blog, you’ll find pictures of new crafts I’ve made, my attempts at pattern-writing, ramblings of ideas concerning crafts, and other crafty things. You might find special information or deals in my etsy, tutorials, and (maybe, someday, if I ever gain readership) contests. We’ll see how things go.

This is basically the beginning of my attempt to draw business toward my crafty pursuits. I enjoy crafting immensely, but I also enjoy shopping on Ebay, and as a college student, that’s not always financially sound. So you all get fun crafty things, and I get to feed my Ebay addiction. I say it’s a win-win situation.

So this first post isn’t totally boring, I’ll include pictures of my latest crochet endeavor, as well as a sewing project I’m considering listing on my etsy:

Photobucket Photobucket
A cute little duckie/chickie that’s currently up on Etsy

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
A dpn/pencil/crochet hook roll. This is actually the third I’ve made of these. The first was to test what I was doing, and the second I made for a swap (I actually intended to make the first for the swap, but I liked it so much, I kept it and made my swap partner a better one). The third I made with the intent to sell, but it isn’t up yet.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

A tote made from a t-shirt (a totally kickass t-shirt that I scored for $4 at Rugged Warehouse) and some cotton fabric ($.99 for about a yard and a half at the thrift store–it was actually a curtain). The print says “Chuck Norris can defeat a brick wall at tennis”. It also has a small pocket on the inside. I have a couple more sweet t-shirts, so I’ll probably make a bunch more tote bags. I used this one for a while, and I always abuse the hell out of my bags (I put so much stuff in them), and it held up just fine. I didn’t notice any tears or stressed stitches or anything. And I put a LOT of heavy things in my bag (water bottles, books, jackets, etc.) so I’m thinking it’s pretty sturdy design. I’m thinking I may list a couple of totes on etsy because frankly, I don’t need this many tote bags. I like making them, and I love that there are infinitely many awesome t-shirts to make them out of, but definitely I need the money more than the bags. : (