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So Thursday was my friend Jon’s birthday. He is obsessed with the ewoks from Star Wars and is definitely craft-worthy, so this is what I made him for his birthday present:


Pattern: Wicket the Ewok, mostly.
Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool (brown), cream wool from a thrift store sweater, and red-orange vintage wool that never ends.
Hook: 3.75mm (f) and 4 mm when I misplaced the f hook.
Mods: I didn’t really follow the pattern for the body or the arms and I didn’t use it at all for the head or ears (though the pictures were instrumental in my figuring it out). I followed the pattern for the hood, but I had to modify it so it fit my Wicket (it would have come out WAY too big).


I happen to think he’s adorable, even though my embroidering on yarn skills are… somewhat sub-par. But Jon loves him, and that’s what really matters. : )