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I’ve been doing some things in between substitute teaching. Some crafting things. Some other things. I’ve been watching the West Wing. I’m currently in season four and it is delightful. I got this in the mail yesterday:

Season 2!!!!

And this last week:


Seasons 8 and 9 of the X Files were pretty sad, but I was super excited to see there was a spinoff with the Lone Gunmen, whom I loved. So yay.

Then there was some crafting. I made this out of a floppy disk metal bit:


Why yes, that is the Starship Enterprise. Awwww yeeeeeah. There’s a tut here if you want to make your own.

Finally, there’s half a pair of mittens I’m designing:



They’re for my boyfriend’s cousin who requested the design. What do you guys think? Can you tell what it is? The thumb makes everything a little wonky. It’s a work in progress.


Judging by the projects i currently have on the needles, I’m in something of a green jag (unsurprising seeing as it’s one of my favorite colors). Also, still on the sock jag. I’m working on two projects more or less simultaneously, so neither is finished, but one’s getting there.

First, there’s the artichoke socks I’ve been working on:


I’m currently cruising down the foot. They’re interesting enough to make for perfect television knitting. I finished watching through SG1 and a spotty re-watch of SGA (I re-watched the ones I like and now I’m sad there’s no more because OH I love that show). I’m currently about three episodes into Stargate: Universe and four episodes into the first season of Game of Thrones (which I like, but OH DEAR it is depressing as hell. Daenerys (WHATEVER) is hella awesome though).

My internet knitting (a simple project I work on when I’m trolling Ravelry or my Google Reader account or whatever) is the Box 96 Pullover from IK Summer 2010. I’m working it in a delightfully bright green cotton/acrylic mix I recycled. This is the back so far:


I like this pattern because it’s got year-round wear potential–as a tank in warm weather and a vest in cooler weather. And yes, I know people tend not to wear BRIGHT BRIGHT green in the dead of winter, but you know, I also wear white after Labor Day. So there. : )

Day three of NaBloPoMo! Whoo!

I believe I mentioned it yesterday, but I started a sock. A Leyburn sock. A Leyburn sock in SWTC Tofutsies. It looks like this so far:


I like it. I had to undo the bit after the heel and reknit it cause I made it too tight the first time, but other than that, the fit is pretty good. I had wanted to knit these two at a time, but I wound my yarn into a single ball. I’m getting a scale for my birthday (which is in December but I’ll probably get it sometime this month) from my sister, and once I do I can split single balls, but until then, I don’t want to guess, so I’m just knitting one at a time.

In other news: I’ve started watching Bones. I’ve caught the odd episode before, but I never watched it consistently, so now I am. I’m about halfway through the first season (watching it online on Netflix), and I do like it a lot. One of these days I’ll get around to knitting Traveling Woman and Temperance (I already made Saroyan).