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Now that we have returned to our regular schedule of me showing off awesome things, it is Mail Call day! I received some swap things and some other things that I will talk about as I get to them.

First: I received an OWS claim of supplies from hngoodlett, who COMPLETELY SPOILED ME:


That’s a ton of zippers, stamps, ink pads, sewing thread, glue gun sticks (I’ll have to steal my mother’s glue gun, probably), yarn, kool-aid for dyeing, and some plastic sheets that I’m not sure what are. Also: candy! Yum.

Here’s a close up of the stamps:


I also received an OWS package from Lucinda879:


It has a hummingbird quilted in! I didn’t even know you could do that with quilting! I love this thing. It’s so pretty and squishy and wonderful. : )

Next, I received some things from Knit Picks:


I have a screwy cord in my interchangeable set, so I wrote to customer service, and they sent me a new one! I love Knit Picks–they have such great service! The yarn I got on sale, and I wanted a metal US 8/5 mm 16″ circ to replace the bamboo one I currently have.

Next, I got a skein of Plymouth Colornep, a lovely pink tweed that I don’t have pictures of from a Ravelry destash. It was up for free as half a skein and a mitt, so I claimed it! I’m highly pleased. It will probably became a hat or something for my gift stash I keep meaning to start.

Last but not at all least, I received from MissDolly for my Yarnie/Sewer swap, and she totally spoiled me:


A nice purse (I have to shorten the strap though), a drawstring bag for my spinning, a cool zippered wristlet, a little wallet, a skirt, (*deep breath*) a tank top, and velcro bags for snacks.

Plus a whole load of extras!


Candy and a bracelet and magnet hearts, and cute little ice cube trays.

I would much rather have stayed at school than come home for summer (the reasons are long and somewhat personal), but coming home to like six packages did make it better. : )


So last week I received some OWS stuff from akredhead:


Yes, that is a veritable fuckton (that’s metric unit) of cardstock and scrapbook paper. I suspect many cards will be made. So swap partners, be on the look out. Also, I’ll probably mail them to random friends over the summer.

On Sunday, I’ll have for you a plethora of knits and things, spread out over the next week, including a completed pair of Endpaper Mitts, some handspun yarn, and some socks. Yes, socks. They’re totally right when they say it’s an addiction. Anyway, stay tuned, y’all.