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I can’t remember if I mentioned here that I joined a hat swap, but I did and I sent out the hat I made. My partner has received it, so I can go ahead and show it off here:


Pattern: Zombie Killer Slouch
Yarn: Recycled merino held double
Needles: US 8/5 mm
Mods: I did the straight section about an inch shorter, mostly because I was tired of knitting it.

I was surprised at how much yarn this took: It’s basically half a sweater. The yarn is fantastic though, soft with a firm twist that held up through frogging bobbles.

My partner appears to like the hat I made, so that’s another swap success at least on my end. I was worried it came out too big because it looked ridiculous on my head (but I have very short hair and the hat sort of swallowed me up). I based it on a pattern/picture she had on Pinterest, down to the color and everything, so that’s good.

Stay tuned for the completed Skew Socks, next time on Stitch, Brinn, Stitch!


Pattern: Twisted, a pattern currently undergoing test knitting on Ravelry.
Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool
Needles: 6 mm plastic dpns, the super pointy and long Susan Bates ones
Mods: I think went down a needle size cause I used what I had. I also added a C4F repeat.


So yeah, it’s cute. It’s a touch short, and I were to make it again, I would add another cable repeat or two, probably a full repeat of the lattice cable (which I love, btw) so it sits on my head more stably. The cables are lovely, and despite all of them, blocking opened the hat up a lot. It’s definitely going into my slouchy hat rotation (I have four as of right now).

So what else is going on? I have more swap things coming up. I started a shawl. I’ve sort of hit a wall on the dino mitts but I am thinking about them, at the very least. So yes. Posting will happen. It will be great. For sure. : ) Stay tuned!


Pattern: A Slouch for All Seasons from Classic Elite
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, almost exactly a skein and a half, in Amethyst Heather
Needles: US 6/4 mm metal dpns and Knit Picks 16″ circular.
Mods: Only CO 80 so I did fewer pattern repeats around. Because 100 is just way too many stitches.


Another slouchy hat to add to my collection. And I’ve got plans for at least one more cause I’m test knitting for someone on Ravelry. : ) I love this one a lot: it’s the perfect amount of slouchy and it knit up super quickly. And used up stash yarn! Yay! I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this one.

In other knitting news: Still fiddling with the dino mittens. Finished a swap hat. Will soon be working on swap armwarmers in some awesome cable pattern cause sometimes I like things that aren’t just stockinette. Stay tuned.