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When I click on the Yarns tab on Ravelry now, it tells me there are a whopping 13 yarn stores near me, which is many more than the 2 I was getting in Virginia Beach (even though there were about 4). There are tons of yarn stores in Northern Virginia, as far away as Bethesda, MD and as close as Vienna, which is the city I’m living in now. The store in Vienna, Uniquities, held a fiber market on Saturday at the Vienna Community Center and I couldn’t not go.

The focus was definitely on spinning, though there was a lot of yarn too. The list of vendors that were there is listed here. I bought… many things. Because, apparently, to hell with my budget/unemployment. Anyway.

From Dancing Leaf Farm, I purchased this GORG Fairy Batt:


It’s 2 oz, wool/glitz/mohair/tencel/bamboo and I love it. I’ve never spun from a batt before and this was super affordable ($12). Also pretty!

From Solitude Wool I bought this art batt:


It’s about 1.5 oz ish and it was $4. FOUR DOLLARS. Yeah.

From Mt. Airy Farm, I bought an oz. of dyed mohair locks. PRETTY.


It’s sort of a darker purple than what appears on my monitor. But love. Will have to spin up some art yarn.

From Avalon Springs Farm 4oz of Targee/Mohair/Glitz:


Not my usual colors at all, but it’s so happy! Also, it’s sparkly! I love it. I already started spinning it as you can see.

Finally, I purchased a Tibetan supported spindle from Spanish Peacock:


That is a terrible photo because it’s been rainy and gloomy, but yeah. I’m practicing on some left over BFL. I think I sort of have the hang of it, though I end up spinning straight up off the tip rather than 45 degrees. Also it falls over a lot, but I did just start like, three days ago. So yeah.

I have lots of things OTN and The Event Formerly Known as the Ravelympics (TEFKA Ravalympics) starts in just a few days. There will be more on that when it actually gets started.


I came home from work today to a couple of packages. This is what was in one of them:


A pound of white wool roving for me to practice spinning on! I also recently ordered a couple of spindles, which should be here tomorrow-ish. I am extremely excited to add this new craft to my repertoire. : )

Also, it smells just like sheep and a farm, and I love it.

I also received another Craft my Wish package, but I don’t have pictures of that yet. Probably tomorrow.