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Kudos to the USPS because even though I fucked up with my address on my most recent OWS claim, I got my package today anyway. Like, two days after I called about the zip code thing. They found it and sent it my way almost immediately.

Anyway, cjclark claimed me for a reusable sandwich wrap and snack bags:


She also sent me chocolate (which I’d already started eating), gummies, stamps, and the extra oilcloth. Yay! I’m planning to make another large snack bag out of the extra oilcloth, and I’m super thrilled about the stamps for their inchie-framing possibilities. The snack bags will be lovely for transporting snacks to class and while I don’t believe I have an immediate use for the sandwich wrap, it will be wonderful for transporting sandwiches to work wherever I happen to be working this summer. Yay! I now have a whole eco-friendly and reusable lunch kit! *is excited*.

Girl Friday, by the way, is almost done. I have another row or two of button band, then I need to do button loops (cause I didn’t feel like planning ahead for holes) and block, then find buttons. It’s coming. When I finish the ribbing, I can resume work on the ribbed shrug (which is on break because I needed the needle tips for the ribbing). For my portable project, I started a sock. More on that later.