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Well it turns out that thanks to all the secret knitting I’ve been doing (which has all been received) I have quite the backlog of FOs to show off. This first one was made for a Yarnies vs. Hoopers swap on Craftster. I was a yarnie (obviously) and this is one of the things I made for my partner:


Pattern: Mandrake Plant
Yarn: Recycled cotton/linen blend and various green cotton scraps.
Needles: US 2 maybe? I sort of just grabbed some dpns.
Modifications: Knit the body in the round and pretty just made up the leaves/twigs as I went.


The face details are made by sewing a ridge into the fabric of the face, which was interesting to do. You can also see in the above picture that the head is a little misshapen. For some reason I got a big, thick trunk-like protrusion, even though I (am pretty sure I) followed the directions. Ah well. It’s a convenient grip point. And also, it’s like a tree? Anyway.


I’m pretty pleased with the leaves though, even though I had to sew them all to the body of the thing and I’m sure there were about a million of them. More like 18ish BUT STILL. There were many.

I made one more thing for this swap which I will show off next time. There’s also the Doctor Who swap. And you know I’ve been knitting and casting on.