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When I said Lanesplitter was knitting up quickly, I meant it. It’s already done and I started it like, three days ago. And now I have a finished skirt to wear! For the winter, when it’s not too hot to wear a wool skirt.


Pattern: Lanesplitter from a recent Knitty.
Yarn: Recycled wool that I hand dyed.
Needles: US 10/6 mm
Mods: I skipped the waist band and threaded a crochet chain in the top. Better fit and I didn’t have to knit ribbing. Yay!


So, I love this skirt. Hand dyed yarn, thick yarn, big needles? HELL YES. Also, it’s super comfortable. And also really cute. I was worried how to yarns would work together, but it came out well. I wasn’t sure how I liked it all the way up until the end when it was done and I decided it was cute.


ALSO I managed to mostly line up the stripes and by mattress stitching instead of blanket stitching, it sort of looks seamless. The seam is pretty hard to see unless you’re right up on my butt, anyway. And few people should be that close to my butt.

In other knitting news, I started another pair of socks. And I found Vampire Knits at the library which means OF COURSE I am knitting the Prim Reaper Corset. I might even make a swatch.