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I soaked and blocked Karlsro last night and instead of working on one of several projects I already had otn, I cast on for something new. Because we are nothing but class here at chez StitchBrinnStitch, I knit a thong. As you do.



Pattern: Lacy Thong from IK online
Yarn: Caron Spa (leftover from my favorite summer knit ever, Tank Girl)
Needles: US 5/3.75mm
Mods: Left off the crochet picot bits.

These only took about three hours total and were a super fast knit. Also, I rather like the finished product. Not that I am lacking in underwear (TMI maybe?) but sometimes a girl just needs a pretty lace thong. So, ya know, I made one. And I might make more. Maybe. But I’d probably go up a needle size and cast on more for the waistband (or tie sides).

Apropos of nothing (really, I promise), my boyfriend is going to be in town tomorrow for about a week and then I’m traveling up north to Fairfax for Thanksgiving and whatnot. So knitting might slow down (I haven’t seen him in a couple months). But I’m going to keep trying to get all 30 posts in this month (I’m 11 for 11 so far!) and I should have Karlsro finished up today or tomorrow, so there’s that. Yay.