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Sooo the other day I participated in a test knit on Ravelry for a pair of cute slippers. The pattern hasn’t been released yet, but I’ll edit this post with a link when it has.


Pattern: Options Slippers by KrisKrafter
Yarn: Two recycled wool/acrylic blends
Needles: US 8/5 mm
Hook: I (whatever that mm is… 5.5?)
Mods: Fewer heel stitches, blanket stitched the heel.


This was a pretty solid pattern, and it knit up reeeeeally quickly. It was sort of annoying to knit the upper and sole as separate pieces and sew them, but I like the two color effect. And also they’re super comfy.

There’s not a tremendous amount of things to say about these slippers, so instead I’ll tell you about some WIPs. I’m currently working on some baby shark mittens (they’re so wee!), a pair of black spats, and a single shark mitten to be used as a puppet. I’m nearly finished with the first two so they’ll probably go in the mail tomorrow. I’m thinking about adding custom knit dinosaur mittens to my Etsy shop, but people so rarely give me their hand length (it’s in caps in the description) that I doubt they would specify their dinosaurs. Maybe I’ll just say if you don’t tell me, I’ll do what I like.

Unrelated fun fact: I am on Twitter as Brinnanza. Feel free to follow me. I post things about knitting, live tweets of various shows/movies, and funny things people say. Sometimes I say swears, so be aware. : )