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Sorry I’ve been away for a couple of days. I’ve been busy and mostly have only been knitting shark mittens because I swear to god, I’ll be knitting them for the rest of my life.

OH WAIT I’ve also been doing some sewing.

So last night was a thing at my school called the Victorian Ball, in which people get dressed up in elaborate Victorian garb (much of which they have made themselves, like Rachel, who made bloomers, a slip, a petticoat/underskirt, a dress, a bustle, and a vest thing (and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting) not to mention she also wore a corset she bought.

So yeah. Victorian Ball = SRS BISNESS. You can actually see some pictures of how SRS it is on my friend Caitlin’s blog, where she posted pictures of everyone in their fancy clothes.

I didn’t actually go to the ball (I went on a double date with my lovely boyfriend and two of our friends), but I did go to the after party, at which I didn’t want to be one of the few people in jeans. Also, I like pretty clothes. I got all dressed up to go to dinner (cause I’ll take any excuse at all for fancy clothes):


OH WHAT’S THAT THERE? That would be a corset that I made! For totally free!


The outside fabric and lining fabric I got for free from a scrap bin at a Renaissance Fair. I didn’t have any grommets, so I just used tabs of bias tape which I’ve had forever and probably stole from my mothers sewing things (she doesn’t sew anymore anyway). It has some issues and it isn’t boned, but I totally love it.


In case you were wondering, the skirt (which is basically my favorite skirt) came from a yard sale and the blouse from a thrift store. The shoes also came from a thrift store. So basically, this outfit = cheapest fancy clothes ever. We won’t talk about my stockings (which I bought from Sock Dreams and were… not as cheap as the other stuff.

Also, because I am SOSOSO proud of it, my hair:

Photobucket Photobucket

It took forever, no lie. I did two french braid pigtails (which took a while cause I had to remember how to do side french braids), then pinned them across my head. It’s basically the most complicated and awesome hairstyle I’ve ever worn. I LOVE IT. It needed a good healthy coat of hairspray, but for being hekd up only on the ends with bobby pins, it was pretty secure.

These pictures were taken at night with the flash and the self-timer so they’re kinda crappy, but I hope to get some better pictures of the corset later this week. I also started a new sewing project which was phenomenally quick and is almost done, and of course, a million shark mittens. Also so WWFY socks.

Let it never be said I have nothing to make.