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So my friend Sarah commissioned me to make more baby things because another of her cousins in pregnant. Which means I get to knit more cute things!


Pattern: Steggie Bib, the same bib I knit before.
Yarn: Recycled cotton from a thrift store baby blanket I dismantled.
Needles: US 6/4 mm
Mods: Several since the pattern has a bunch of errors (if you know what you’re doing, it will work out fine but if you follow the directions as written, the border will come out funky)

(The dino shows up much more clearly than it does in the photo)


Pattern: Elijah by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Some sport weight acrylic I got my grandmother eons ago.
Needles: US 1.5
Mods: I made the trunk a little shorter than specified by mistake. Otherwise, knit exactly as written.


Guys. I totally love this thing. It’s completely adorable and I want him to snuggle and love. Unfortunately, he’s going to a baby related to my friend Sarah. Fortunately, I can make another! I probably won’t for a while (and probably not for me) but I bought the pattern (I’d been debating it for a while) and while it’s a little fiddly (especially the ears), but the result is SO CUTE. And the pattern is SO WELL WRITTEN. Guys, there’s a reason Ysolda Teague is the celebrity she is in the world of knitting patterns. It’s clear, lots of pictures, and every step is clearly spelled out.

So yes, I’ll definitely be making this one again. Here’s hoping Sarah’s cousin’s kid likes it as much as I do. : )


So I claimed for another round of OWS, as I said before. This round, I claimed luckdragon for Domo-Kun fingerless mitts and some amiguruimi, both of which turned out to be for her daughter. So this is what I made:


Pattern: My own, which I based on pictures of mitts on Craftster.
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in brown and some random red wool.
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm

They’re cute. The eyes were a pain to sew on. The teeth are quilt batting since I didn’t have felt. They were also sort of a pain. Also, I tried out a new thumb gusset on these, and I think I’ll be using it from now on since it makes more sense.

And now the amigurumi (which I knitted, mostly):


Pattern: My own, which I made up mostly on the spot.
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 4/whatever metric size that is


He’s a little top heavy, but super cute. I started him before the Ravelympics started, then took a break from my sweater on Saturday to finish him up. I like him. His body and head/trunk were knit in one piece, and I crocheted the ears and legs. It was much easier that way than dealing with five dpns to knit four little legs.


Pattern: My own, which I totally just made up.
Yarn: Red Heart Heart and Sole in Watercolor Stripes
Needles: US 1

He’s cute too, with his little button eyes. I took more pictures of him than the other things:

He likes to play the piano!

With his favorite movie!


Or just be cute. Here’s one more:


Pattern: Monster Chunks, sort of. I made it up, but I based in on this pattern.
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream in Hot Pink and Serendipity Tweed in Water Lily Leaves
Needles: US 5/3.75 mm dpns

I wasn’t going to do the teeth, but I cut them out and they looked so cute, so I left them in. : ) This little guy is my favorite.

So now I’m expecting two OWS packages (plus some various other things I’ve ordered which I’ll probably show you whenever they get there). One of them was sent out today. The other isn’t due for another week (though I haven’t heard from her either, even just about my address). I really dislike getting flaked on, but at least the people I sent to are productive swappers that don’t flake (as far as I know).

(By the way, here’s what the Rav sweater looks like today:)


Body is done up to the armpits. Now need to finish and attach the sleeves, then do the yoke. I am flyin’ through this baby.